Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Film opening brief

So its time to start our film opening and the brief I have chosen is:
A ‘relationship’ comedy/drama made by an independent production company, aimed at young adults.
I'm pretty excited to get started however the group I am with, Zoe and Effie, have completely different ideas for the  story. They are inspired by openings such as The Holiday with the non-diegetic speech of Kate Winslet, and Love Actually with all the couples together.
As much as I love the films I think its all a bit cliche and soppy, and because its an indie film i want it to attract both sexes. I want it to be just as funny as the romance.
I like the idea of having two contrasting protagonists that are the lovers for example in 'Knocked Up'.

I like the shots of "This is Allison's Life" and "This is Ben's Life" you can really see the contrast of the characters, having text like this in my opening is an idea I would like to consider.

I'm also inspired by this split scene from 500 Days Of Summer:

The faded edges and costumes give it that Indie, vintage feel and thats what I really like. Also using something like "This is ..... life" and having a split screen we can show the two protagonists getting ready for their day of work.. maybe the day they are going to meet.

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