Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nearly a wrap!

So on Monday, me, Effie, Zoe, Becca and Sam all ventured out and started filming for our opening. We decided to change our filming location to Poulner lakes instead of Hightown lakes, this is because it was nearer to the house we would be filming in. It also turned out to be a much more scenic area. We have also decided to change one of our scenes from what was going to be a variety of old couples holding hands to actually introducing Sam to being very arrogant, and splashing Becca whislt on a boat.We decided his way was easier as it would of been hard to get lots of couples, also it adds to the comic effect. We still have a few extra scenes to film, including the 'lads night in'.
We took vlogs and pictures on Effie's phone so I just have to wait till they are uploaded, but for now heres a picture of Effie and Zoe setting up for filming 'the socks in bed' scene!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Here are some vlogs and pictures from our first shoot for Elephant Juice, it was a fun experience but also very exhausting, I think its safe to say we all slept well this evening!

Whilst filming our first couple of scenes we went for a bit of a walk to get the most 'scenic' places. On our journeys we found a boat! It belonged to the people who lived around the river and luckily Sam lived there so we were able to experiment with shots. In fact we like it so much it made it into our opening!

 Here I am shooting the close up of our couple holding hands, we did a pan shot up to see Sam coughing in Beccas face. We did want Sam to burp but unfortunately he couldnt burp on cue. Because of this the cough didnt seem as effective and just looked very messy as they kept moving away from the centre of the camera, so instead we decided to only use the first shot of the hands.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

One day more...

So tomorrow we start filming for our opening. Its very exciting as will be a new experience for us going out and filming on our own!

For our opening we want to get the quirky feel of the characters across. Obviously for Sam we want him to be fashionable, and it to appear that he takes pride in his appearence. And for Becca we want her own 'rocky' style to show in her character. Here are some ideas on what we want her to wear...

We want a wintery feel as it tends to be opposite to the Hollywood bikinis and such:

Final preparations!

The camera we will be using tomorrow is the Canon 1100 D. We borrowed it from school, and a lot of the students have said it is brilliant quality and easy to use.

As well as a camera we obviously have a tripod.

We have decided to use Effie's iPhone 4 to take evidence of filming, and I would like to make a few vlogs during our time filming. We thought using a phone is a good way to show our abiblity of using different media devices.

Below is a list of props we will need for tomorrow:

  • Socks
  • Toilet Roll (titles)
  • Cereal box (maybe titles)
  • Remote
  • Tissue Box
  • Marley & Me DVD
  • Ben & Jerrys (Empty... yummmmm!)
  • 'Witty' Tee- shirt
  • Present + wrapping paper (maybe)
  • Plates and dinner (yum again!)
  • Bin
  • Mum and couples at beginning
  • Beer, popcorn, poker board etc. for lads night in.
  • Fake private messaging to Sam