Monday, 16 January 2012

Our lovely protagonists!

So we have just finished writing our opening monologue which includes our protagonists pet hates of all things men! It took just over a week to complete this as all three of us have turned out to be perfectionists! Unfortunately we havent had the chance to write our script up yet but it will be on here soon. 

On the other hand we have successfully found our female protagonist and her dreaded grousome lover! 
Female Protagonist REBECCA STAMATIS
So sticking to our indie rom com conventions we wanted our main protagonist to be ordinary looking and naturally pretty. Fortunately my best friend Becca seems to fit this pitch well...

Actresses that I think share the same kind of features and conventions as Becca are: 
Carey Mulligan
Zooey Deschanel 
Audrey Tautou

The Boyfriend SAMUEL WHITE
Instead of having a grubby, unattractive boyfriend we decided to go for a boy who seems good looking and a real 'dream boat' on the outside but really he is just a horrible selfish person. We decided to change this so our first boyfriend (Sam) and our male protagonist (who doesn't appear in the opening) contrast each other. 
Sam has been used in many media projects before so he should be comfortable behind the camera and will know his stuff!

Actors that influenced our decision for picking Sam include: 
Hugh Grant
Ashton Kutcher
Ryan Reynolds
Aaron Johnston

So there we are our two characters! 

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