Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Beautiful Mind Shot Annalysation

Medium shot, the actor is central in the rule of thirds. His eye level is on the top line but looking down showing he is shy. In the mise on scene you can see someone else is in the room, but not in focus portaying that he is alone. The shallow spacing creates a sense of isolation. The loose framing also isolates him on his own.

This is a long shot with loose framing. It shows the surrounding that it is a formal event. The main action is in the middle. You can see it is a busy scene and outside. It looks quite intimidating as it is a wide shot.

This is a close up of the window. The blurred action in the backround suggests that it is not important. The bars on the window show the seperation on the person writing on the window and the people playing outside. And it once again shows isolation.

This is an over the shoulder shot, this shows that there two people in the shot. It shows two people having a conversation and you can easily tell the expression on the actor that is talking face.
This is a medium shot. The actor is off centre portraying him on his own, and the paper next to him seems quite intimidating. The lighting is dull, so it gives a calm depressing atmosphere like he is fed up.
This is a close-up. It focuses on the concentration on the actors face, you can see the people in the backround to show that they are expecting something from him. The lighting is dark and sinister.
The low angle shot makes the clock look important. The shadow creates the illusion that it is bigger than it is, and once again more sinister.

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