Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Filming for Preliminary

Last Monday 26th September my group started and completed our preliminary task. It was exciting as it was something new and different to ya usual lesson in school. We used the big camera for filming our scenes which was challenging as it was heavy and trying to keep the camera still and not shake was hard, for me anyway!

Setting up/Filming
So after getting our equiptment ready we had the crucial job of finding a room! This admittedly took quite some time, but in the end we found a small room in music.
The first scene we decided to film was the easiest... the cake lit on its own in the picture next to this paragraph, me and Katie were the ones that set up the posistion and cake trying to keep it central. After that we followed our story boards adding and taking away shots along the way. We all had a ago at filming and being filmed, although I would've liked to film with the camera a bit more as it would have been nice to get some experience ready for our film openings. Although I was 'director of photography' which basically is taking the pictures for evidence of filming. We finished filming under 2 hours, this was celebrated by eating the chocolate cake!

I definately cannot wait to start filming more and more as it is such a fun experience.
Now we are currently in the post-production stage editing our scenes. I find this really fun and creative as you can experiment with cutting different scenes and the sounds. We are now on our 3rd double for editing and I'm nearly all done, I just can't wait to see the finished product!

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