Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Finished preliminary!

After lots of chocolate cake, filming and 6 double lessons I have finally finished my preliminary task. Overall I enjoyed the whole process but it is nice to be able to finally move on, after watching it 100 times due to editing! I am surprised by how it all fitted together, considering it was my first time doing anything like this, it didnt turn out to be a disaster. I got to grips with the editing programme quite quickly and even experimented with some things. Here are some screen shots of my film in the process of being edited.

It took me a lot of time to find the right music for my task because it was hard to find something that fitted well with the tense genre. At first I wanted to to have something quite upbeat, like mission impossible but the walking was too slow, and there definitely wasnt enough action to keep in time with the beat. So I then decided I needed to have music that built to a climax until Zoe blew out the candles. Thankfully Joe is a film fanatic and suggested that I used something from The Dark Knight, there was 2 different choices, Why So Serious (which is in my overall production) and the 2nd was Aggressive Expansion. I experiemented with both songs started them at different times, in the end I decided that Why So Serious fitted better with the timings, I even cut a 'boom' sound from near the end of the song and put it in the end of the section I chose. I decided to fade the song out at the end other than just ending it to make it more smoother and less obvious.
At first I found it challenging dubbing the sound from one scene to another, but I think I was quite fortunate because when I added the sound over the surprise scene it seemed to fit perfectly. When Zoe starts to talk however was harder because if you held it on a bit before you could hear Joe talking so its quite obvious.
   I did envovle a point of veiw shot before zoe opens the door, but the way the camera was a bit shakey it looked like someone was following her and that might have been watching her.
The filming of the conversion was quite shakey camera work, but it adds to the awkwardness of the situation. While I was experimenting with the program I learned how to do a split screen so I used this at the end of our task, for the credits and background music of 'Teenage Dirtbag' because it was up beat. I faded the end of the song and went to black to finish it off.
    So now its off to youtube for anyone to see. Eeek!

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