Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Rom-Com Planning and initial ideas.

So me Zoe and Effie have come up with what we hope to be a successful story opening!
We are sticking to our protagonist narrating at the beginning, explaining her pet hates surrounding men. This will then cut to a shot of told hands, then it will zoom out to reveal a couple (a grubby male, who is unattractive and gruesome and an ordinary girl.. the female protagonist). 

To make our audience be able to relate to the story we asked some of our friends what they didnt like about boys, and the three of us also came up with some. Sorry lads! Examples of these are: hands down their trouserscontaminating objects around, leaving the toilet seats up.
We also want to focus on the little things (inspired by Amelie) like when they come up  behind you and pinch your waist and not closing the cupboard doors. 

Title Sequences
We also have been thinking about the use of titles and want to be really imaginative and artistic. These are conventions that we found in other indie films. We want the titles to be on the objects in the scene; such as on the cereal box in the left open fridge and titles on toilet seat/toilet roll inspired by the media text 'Napoleon Dynamite"

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