Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nearly a wrap!

So on Monday, me, Effie, Zoe, Becca and Sam all ventured out and started filming for our opening. We decided to change our filming location to Poulner lakes instead of Hightown lakes, this is because it was nearer to the house we would be filming in. It also turned out to be a much more scenic area. We have also decided to change one of our scenes from what was going to be a variety of old couples holding hands to actually introducing Sam to being very arrogant, and splashing Becca whislt on a boat.We decided his way was easier as it would of been hard to get lots of couples, also it adds to the comic effect. We still have a few extra scenes to film, including the 'lads night in'.
We took vlogs and pictures on Effie's phone so I just have to wait till they are uploaded, but for now heres a picture of Effie and Zoe setting up for filming 'the socks in bed' scene!

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