Sunday, 12 February 2012

Final preparations!

The camera we will be using tomorrow is the Canon 1100 D. We borrowed it from school, and a lot of the students have said it is brilliant quality and easy to use.

As well as a camera we obviously have a tripod.

We have decided to use Effie's iPhone 4 to take evidence of filming, and I would like to make a few vlogs during our time filming. We thought using a phone is a good way to show our abiblity of using different media devices.

Below is a list of props we will need for tomorrow:

  • Socks
  • Toilet Roll (titles)
  • Cereal box (maybe titles)
  • Remote
  • Tissue Box
  • Marley & Me DVD
  • Ben & Jerrys (Empty... yummmmm!)
  • 'Witty' Tee- shirt
  • Present + wrapping paper (maybe)
  • Plates and dinner (yum again!)
  • Bin
  • Mum and couples at beginning
  • Beer, popcorn, poker board etc. for lads night in.
  • Fake private messaging to Sam

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