Thursday, 12 April 2012

Editing take 2!

Today we Me and Effie spent the day in school to get as much editing as possible done. Unfortunately Zoe had to work but she did manage to come in for an hour and a half to help us get started. We did encounter a couple of problems, firstly we were unable to film the phone scene as the camera we normally used was being used by someone else. Also we were unable to record our speech as the microphone in the media room wasn't working. Luckily I brought in my camera (General Imagination X5) to take pictures for evidence so we were able to roughly record our 'glitter storm productions'. Heres a video, I accidently pressed the film button, however we decided to make it into a short vlog!

After this the day turned better, and the freedom of having the school to ourselves became fun! We got as much as the editing done as possible but we were unable to finish completely as we were missing certain scenes, we are hoping that we forgot to import some files from Effies memory stick onto the computer, if so we decided that I would do the editing today while Effie works on the main title (Elephant Juice) and then Effie would complete further editing at home. 
As we had more time we experimented with some of the footage we had, for example we added a new POV shot from Sam, (it looked like Becca is about to hit the camera) and added the shot of Becca hitting her head on the cupboard from three different shots to create some more comedy!
Effie doing her photo shop thaang, and the computer next to her is my editing

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