Monday, 16 April 2012

More bad news!

So after coming in after easter we discovered that some of our footage had been lost! This meant that we had to re-shoot two more scenes. Should be easy right? WRONG! Sam (our male character) is currently travelling in Peru, which meant that I had to step in for Sam and pretend to be him. This is why in the man flu scene we used a shot from behind 'Sam' so it was hard to tell it was another person. Another problem which occurred was the 'fondling downstairs' scene. Originally we had a shot of Becca making tea and Sam fondling downstairs, then a pan up to him touching Beccas face. However, again as we couldn't show my face we had to lose our pan. 
We have also discovered that the voice recording we originally recorded with a zoom recorder was also lost, and if that wasnt bad enough the zoom recorder had broken so we had to use a boom mic instead. This meant that the sound had background buzzing noise, so we had lost the feel of the sound being done professionally! It has been rather stressful and frustrating as we have lost time and lost a lot if good footage we tried really hard on. But the only thing we can do is soldier on as a team! And we are doing just that! 

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